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Steve Ptacek  

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Steve Ptacek
Matthew Moore
Assistant Superintendent

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Matt Moore

Welcome to the Superintendent's Page

I am excited about what the future holds for this district and community.  These are exciting times in our community and I hope you will join me in moving this District into the future and to 21st century learning facilities.

Once again I want each of you to know that I am dedicated to establishing a shared vision of academic excellence based on the mission of “preparing our students for successful post-secondary lives through both academics and social maturity” and on four core beliefs:

  1. Teachers, parents, administrators, and community leaders are partners with a shared mission.

  2. Being able to adapt and overcome challenges is the key to success in life.

  3. Teaching self-discipline is an important component of our curriculum.

  4. Schools must be data-driven to improve.

With a positive team we can truly create a school of excellence.

istrict 117 Mission Statement

The Jacksonville School District #117 will prepare our students for successful post-secondary lives through both academic and social maturity.

Belief Statement

  1. The key to success is supported by a strong family, school and community partnership.

  2. Communication, Cooperation, Technology and Academic Growth are key ingredients to student success.

  3. All students deserve the opportunity to learn because education is highly valued.

  4. High educational standards, and the support to meet them, are critical to student achievement.

  5. All students have a shared responsibility for their own learning.

  6. The School District must manage financial assets in an efficient and effective manner.

  7. Developing life long learners will prepare students to adapt to future challenges.

  8. All staff will engage in results-driven professional development and training for continuous improvement.

Chain of Command For Parents and Community Members

Jacksonville School District seeks to partner with parents and community members to further the shared mission of providing excellent academic opportunities to the youth of the community. District personnel are committed to building positive relationships and maintaining open avenues of communication. To this end, the Board of Education offers the following chain of command to ensure that issues and concerns, when they do occur, are heard and addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. The purpose of the chain of command is to provide a structured communication process so that issues and concerns are resolved as quickly as possible. Your cooperation in honoring the chain of command process is appreciated.

Step 1: Concerns must be addressed first with the teacher, coach, or other staff member who is directly involved with the issue or situation.

Step 2: If not satisfied with the outcome, concerns may be addressed with staff supervisors including the Principal, the Program Director, or the Athletic Director.

Step 3: If not satisfied with the outcome, concerns may be directed to Central Office administrators which may include the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, the Chief Financial Officer, the Assistant Superintendent, or the Superintendent.

Step 4: If not satisfied with the outcome, concerns may be directed to a Board of Education member who will consult with the Board President and/or the Superintendent. The individual will either be directed back to the appropriate level for resolution or he/she may request that the concern be placed on a Board of Education agenda for full Board discussion.


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